GART- Chisamba Research Centre

Situated along the great North road about 60km from Lusaka, the Chisamba Research Centre is also GART’s Headquarters. It’s main aim is to conduct Research and Development of Climate-Smart Conservation Agriculture Technologies. 




GART- Batoka Livestock Development Centre (LDC)

Located  in the heart of Southern Province, Choma, GART Batoka LDC is Livestock Research and Development Centre with a strategic of contributing to Zambia’s agricultural development through commercially oriented and farmer-tailored Research and Development of Smallholder Livestock Systems


What we do

                                                                        Applied and Adaptive Research         

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Aims at conducting Demand-driven and Public-good Research to provide solutions facing farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

                                                                    Contract Research                              


We conduct field research trials on behalf of Agro-companies, farmers, Universities and other institutions at a fee. This is from design, implementation, data collection and analysis/interpretation and reporting

                                                                   Technology Dissemination  


Proven technologies are shared to the end-users through various channels which include hosting events such as Agritec Expo, National Seed Fair, Aquaculture Fair, Pasture Fair, Horticulture Fair and Field days. GART also incorporates foresight program where students and recent graduates from institutions of higher learning are exposed to hands-on practical learning


Under Commercial Production and Smart Marketing, GART runs crop and livestock commercial enterprises to generate additional revenue internally to support some of its key Research and Development activities



Under of agroforestry section, we sale a wide range of soil fertility tree seedlings such as the musangu, gliricidia sepium, moringa and sesbania sesban. We also produce fruit seedlings of dwarf mangoes, dwarf paw paws, tangerines, bananas, oranges, mulberries, guavas etc. We are into pure honey production as well. 

Livestock and Livestock products

Under our livestock unit we produce and sale sex reversed fingerlings, commercial village chickens, male offspring of crosses between local and boar goats, male offspring of jersey dairy cows and milk.


GART has a broad spectrum of various pasture legumes and pasture grasses that we offer for sale. Some of the pastures grasses include, Bana grass, Rhodes grass, Buffel grass, Napia grass, Green gold grass etc. Our pasture legumes include Velvet beans, Dolicos lab lab, Jack bean, Desmodium silver leaf etc